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    TODATE Time Function

      I have another requirement to develop a report based from our old report. They like the old layout and it works for them. I am trying to mimic the look as best as I can but running into issues with the AGO and TODATE functions. Hopefully you have a solution for me.

      The old report is in a crosstab format (see link below). You will see the time functions on the X Axis and the Measures on the Y Axis. In OBIEE, I can mimic the rolling 8 weeks, avg and the measures no problem. Then want to add in theYear TODATE function but I know it won't work as in the RPD, I have to specify the Measure for the TODATE function, therefore from Efficiency to Difference $, I will need 7 TODATE measure Functions, which eventually will mean 14 rows, instead of the 7 rows like in the old reporting software. The old reporting software you have the ability to create the formula and then the values will fall beneath it. Is there a way in OBIEE to do the same. I have to do Last Year TODATE as well too.

      [Link to old report|http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b511/antexity/2012-11-16_0858.png]

      Thank for your help.