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    Sparse Dimension


      Recently Added 2 alternate heirarchies to a sparse dimension. I have made all the parents of alternate Heirarchies dynamic while all the lev0 are shared. while the parents and Lev0 for main heirarchy are stored.

      1) Is it a good practise to have parents of alternate Heirarchy Dynamic? since its a sparse dimension.
      2) My .pag size has increased ? why would adding shared members increase the .pag size?
      3) also my Calc time has gone up... simple Agg which is fixed for single month and year which initially used to take 6 mins is taking 15 mins... Any advice on improving the calc time?

      Thank You for your help.
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          Jake Turrell
          1) This is usually not a good practice, as dynamic calcs on sparse dimensions can cause a lot of I/O during a retrieval. This can have an adverse affect on retrieve performance. Sometimes you can get away with it if
          there aren't a lot of members under the dynamic member though.

          2) I recently had a similar question on Network54. In my case, the answer was likely fragmentation. Does your .pag size go down after a dense restructure?

          3) What happens if you say *@IDESC(Stored Parent Name);* instead of AGG (Dimension);. Any difference?

          Hope this helps,
          - Jake