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    Trouble w/installing Solaris 10 branded zone on solaris 11.

      Having issues creating a policy that works installing solaris 10 u10 branded nfs zone on sol11 in opscenter 12c u1. Maybe i'm just overlooking something basic or it isn't supported in opscenter. I'm able to create the policy but seem to get a very non-informative error message when deploying it.

      Error Message:
      "The DeploymentPlan execution job failed because the DeploymentProvider ZoneDeploymentProvider for Step Create Solaris Zones failed to generate tasks for the job: Cannot prepare zone tasks: java.lang.NullPointerException. Contact My Oracle Support if the problem persists. (10445)"

      Here is the OpsCenter Profile:
      Name Prefix:      hous
      Starting Number:      1
      Zone Description:      solaris 10 update 10
      Branded Zone
      Branded Zone Image:      
      Automatic Recovery:      
      Priority of Recovery:      0
      CPU Shares:      1
      CPU Cap:      0
      Physical Memory Cap:      0
      Locked Memory Cap:      0
      Virtual Memory Cap:      0
      Language:      en_US.ISO8859-15
      Time Zone:      US/Central
      Terminal Type:      xterm
      NFSv4 Domain Name:      dynamic
      Automatically boot zone when the global zone is booted:      
      Automatically boot zone after creation:      
      Storage for the metadata Library:      NAS, zone-prod1