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    How to add disk storage to Solaris 11.1

      I'm currently running Solaris 11.1 as a virtual machine using VMware Workstation 9 with Windows 7 Ultimate as the host. I've added additional disk space to the VM via the Workstation console. How do I get Solaris 11.1 to now use the additional space. My goal is to use ASM to manage this space.

      I also have another question about ASM and ZFS. When installed Solaris 11.1 which file system did it use during the install: ZFS, ASM or NFS?

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          From the Solaris-side perspective, ZFS is installed automatically as the root file system in rpool.
          We generally recommend ASM when running an Oracle database if you want absolute best performance.
          You could run ASM on top of ZFS for a non-rpool (data) pool for example. I think you would want
          to present ZFS volumes to ASM. Considering using a small root pool and then a larger separate pool
          for your data.

          If best performance is secondary to your needs, then you might consider using ZFS without ASM.

          Thanks, Cindy