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    ASO Demo Question

      Hello All.

      I have a question regarding an article posted in Oracle Magazine, that perhaps someone here will be able to answer.

      The article is located here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2010/10-sep/o50bi-165473.html

      Having only worked with BSO applications, I'm brushing up on ASO. Thought I'd follow the exercise in the article above.

      However, when I do the dataload, I receive: Aggregate storage applications ignore update to derived cells. [74776] cells skipped (as one would expect with ASO).

      Then, when trying to create the first calc script in the article, I receive Error: 1012686 Calculation scripts are not supported in aggregate storage applications.

      Both Essbase and EAS are

      What have I missed?

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          If you're using the file and the outline from the article I suspect you can safely ignore that dataload warning. I assume from your comment that you already know what it means.

          At exactly what point in the process do you receive the 'Calculation scripts are not supported...' error? I can use the EAS editor to create and then 'Save As' calculation scripts to ASOsamp in my environment, but I get that error if I try to validate. The EAS editor is not really much use for creating ASO scripts anyway.
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            Thanks Tim. That's the problem. Didn't know I couldn't validate.