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    one big report, multiple views

      is it ok (as a good practice) in OBIEE Answers, when dealing with a complex BM, to build a big report with lots of dimensions and measures involved , and then create many views for that report, each using a limited number of dimensions / measures available in the report ?
      I have experienced a few cases when a complex report with multiple views displays incorrect results , while if creating simpler reports for each of the views the results are correct.

      and that seems to me because, on each of the small simple reports a correct sql query is generated, while on the big report OBIEE tries to achieve the requirements using just one or two much more complex (and with lower granularity) queries ( the result of which are are used by presentation layer to further compute -sometimes incorrectly- the values for each of the report views).
      sometimes even when I exclude a dimension column from all views (while is still present in the report) the sql query generated still use it.

      is this a normal behavior ? have anyone experienced similar issues ? I'm having some hard time explaining these to the users that create reports.
      thank you.