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    Analysis Performance Issues

      I'm creating an analysis from a subject area that was created from an Essbase ASO cube. We have quite a few dimensions and measures on this report. I have only loaded 3 rows of data into the fact table to see how things will perform. The report shows just fine when I don't have any prompts. However, when I add in column prompts for Year and Month the report refreshes and hangs forever. The Year and Month columns are from the Date dimension which is set up like so:


      Another thing that I think is harming the performance of the cube is that I have one dimension, Tenant, that has only one level with 23,000 members. Realizing this isn't best practice I created a 3 level hierarchy - the first level is the first letter, the second level is the first two letters, and the third level is the full name of the Tenant. So, I have something like this:

      ------AA Tenant
      ------AB Tenant
      ------BA Tenant

      However, in the report I'm only using the Tenant Name, will this give me any performance boosts?

      Also, if there are other ways to improve performance that I haven't hit on please let me know.