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    Performance tunning of LDAP application/server

      Hello All,
      I am new to LDAP (SunOne Directory Server ver. 5.2). I would like to know that what parameters should be monitored on a LDAP server, apart from System level monitoring i.e. H/W or O/S level performance. How can I increase efficience and response time/elapsed time for a LDAP servers & what are the factors that affect a LDAP server's performance & how to tune and LDAP server on LDAP application level or even on H/W or OS level?
      Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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          Marco Milo-Oracle
          what you've asked here it's probably among the biggest subjects... I'd suggest you to start from the good old 'Installation and Tuning Guide'


          To understand what are the basic principles, approaches and techniques of LDAP tuning (caches, indexes, OS, HW), and then come back with more specific questions.

          However, as you may see in the copyright notes, the SunOne Directory Server 5.2 is dated back to 2003 (which makes roughly 10 years ago!); applying 5.2patch6 (which is the latest available bundle patch for this release) will bring you to ~Aug 2007... which is still 5 years ago...

          5.2 could be a nice and easy playground, but if you need to implement LDAP in your environment/infrastructure, I STRONGLY suggest you to go with:

          1. Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition:

          2. Oracle Unified Directory:

          which for the large scale deployments are probably the 'best of breed' [this may sounds a bit like advertising, but it should be understandable: I'm an Oracle employee, and this is an Oracle forum ;-) ].