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    Return to parent page in oaf

    Myvizhi Selvi
      Hi All,

      I have created a custom OAF page and linked the same with 3 standard OAF pages(Lets say Standard-Page1, Standard-Page2, Standard-Page3) in such a way that whenever I click the GO button in any of those standard pages it navigates to my custom page.

      As of now when I click the BACK button in the custom page it navigates back to Standard-page1(Because i have given the page1 Path in the pageContext.ForwardImmediately) only even though if I would have opened my custom page from standard-Page2 or 3.

      I need to understand what should I do to navigate back to the exact standard page from which the custom page has been opened.

      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks in advance!

      Kind Regards,