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    Filter data of a file at  xsd level.

      Hey all,
      I Have a desire to filter data before picking the content of file. i have duplicate rows in a file but want to pick only the set records which is of the present date
      For eg : The file looks like
      A1, 0, 16/11/2012
      A1, 0, 17/11/2012
      A1, 100, 18/11/2012
      A2, 0, 16/11/2012
      A2, 0, 17/11/2012
      Now i want that my file adapter should only pick the A1,100,18/11/2012 and A2,0,17/11/2012.

      I know that we can do filtering/sorting in xslt, but my point is that i want to play this at the xsd level itself so that my file adapter doesn't have to pick million of records and the performance is not hit.