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    Reporting and Analysis

      I used LCM to export repository objects artifacts in reporting and analysis. The export went fine, however when I try to import, several errors have been thrown. The repository objects for my company is around 12gb, and the error the log shows is "Artifact cannot be migrated". I opened workspace and randomly checked a few folders and they all have the same files the other workspace had. Any help anyone on what those errors could be about?
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          Hello Tedd,
          There is a dependency in the objects - for example, if a database does not exist, a report to this database will fail to import. So look at dependencies.
          Another tip is to start small and then with increasing experience, get bigger. Otherwise you might run into multiple problems, which might or might not be connected.

          Philip Hulsebosch
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            Hellp Philip,

            If it really is that the database for that report doesnot exist, I donot have to worry about importing that report successfully right? As we want only working reports to be exported. Is my thinking right? Also is there a way around for these dependency problems, or is there a manual where I can look at to learn more about these dependency problems. Thanks a ton.
            in advance.