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    Oracle PL/SQL package debugging and unit testing

      I am newly changed the technology into oracle PL/SQL developer, In that i have to unit test the complete the full package and have to find the where the data is not generated correctly and where the calculation is wrong, so for i have to write logic, but i dont no how to start debug and how to give input, i have difficulty what are the steps to followed to start testing..and i am working in stock exchange project.. anybody help me out how to start testing and debugging the package.. Thank you for your favorable reply in advance..
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          If you're using PL/SQL Developer, then check the help file.
          You can test your package using a test window and/or the debugger that comes along with PL/SQL Developer..
          How it works is explained in the help file.
          It is important that before you start debugging, you have several test scenario's written out, containing the various inputs and expected outputs, based on the business rules that apply per case.
          Also it doesn't hurt to read about 'instrumentation code', in order to see how your package executes.
          You can search on http://asktom.oracle.com to find out more, using such an approach.
          Here's an introduction:
          And while we're at it, and you're new to Oracle, you might want to read:

          And if you mean SQL Developer (free, from Oracle) instead of PL/SQL Developer (not free, from Allround Automations)
          then check out the SQL Developer forum @ SQL Developer

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