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    Debugging Logs -endeca

      Hi all,

      We have noticed that while searching for certain items,our local instance of endeca is going down.

      We want o debug this both at our code end and also at the endeca end.

      We can use the endeca ref app to check the results but if we want to find out what the root cause of the issue is,is there a debug log location on the endeca side?

      The draph log just prints the query fired and no other exception

      After this when we do a baseline update the below error comes.We want to narrow down as to what is causing the EAC to come down.

      Any pointers?

      [11.18.12 13:16:40] SEVERE: Caught an exception while trying to remove application.

      Caused by com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.exception.EacCommunicationException
      com.endeca.soleng.eac.toolkit.application.Application removeDefinition - Caught exception while defining application 'XXXSearch'.
      Caused by org.apache.axis.AxisFault
      org.apache.axis.AxisFault makeFault - ; nested exception is:
      java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
      Caused by java.net.SocketTimeoutException
      java.net.SocketInputStream socketRead0 - Read timed out

      Setting EAC provisioning and performing initial setup...

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          you might want to take a look at your process.0.log (Endeca\PlatformServices\Workspace\Logs....)
          and if you want to have more logs from your Dgraph to put "-v" arg for your Dgraph Defaults in your appconfig (where you indicate the n° of threads)
          Exerpt from Endeca documentation

          Tomcat/Catalina logs (e.g. catalina.out, catalina.[date].log, tomcat_stdout.log) -
          These logs are useful when errors occur while loading the EAC or Workbench. For example,
          if the context configuration for EAC specifies the wrong path for the EAC WAR file, an error
          will occur when starting the Endeca HTTP Service and will be logged in these log files.
          Alternatively, a "clean" startup of the Endeca HTTP Service will result in no exceptions and a
          successful output of a message like "Server startup in [n] ms."
          Main log (e.g. main.0.log) - Most EAC logging goes into this log file. For example,
          exceptions thrown when invoking a shell or component are logged here. I tried to invoke a
          utility on a non-existent host and found an exception logged in this file: "The host 'foo' in
          application 'bar' does not exist.“
          Invocation log (e.g. invoke.0.log) - This file contains logs associated with EAC Web
          service invocations. For example, this file will record the exact XML content of web service
          requests and responses.
          Logs can also be written into the sub-directories: Shell, Archive, Copy.
          Messages previously logged to emgr.log in v5.1.x are now logged to webstudio.log in v6.x.

          hope that helps