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    insert Procedure command into Target table.Cant Insert Value Prob

      when i write a Procedure in command=
      insert into ETL_FILE(FILE_PROCESSED_COUNT) values
      *((select NB_INS from odiwork.SNP_SESS_TASK_LOG where SESS_NO = 493001 AND NB_INS <> 0*
      AND scen_task_no = 34 AND NB_RUN = 2 AND NNO = 4))

      but when i check it my target table for insertion. there is no record. but this procedure insert one row with values(0).
      Wht will b the problem. as i run this query in Sql developer. its working fine. & when i run it in ODI procedure.Its execute successfully. but problem is value

      In sql Developer it has given output=10
      but in odi when i run procedure it insert =0 values.
      as i also check its datatype. its numeric.


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