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    defaulting expense rule while copying requisitions.


      If I am copying a old requisition where there was no EXPENSE RULE defined for the ITEM used for the requisition.Now if I set some expense rule for the same item and trying to copy old requisition then while I am checking out I can see the old charge account and there is not effect of new expense rules.

      e.g Item "xyz" was not having any expense rule set before and I have a requisition with this item and requisition number is 123451.

      now I am setting expense rule for item "xyz" as ACCOUNT '660030' and subaccount '000' and if now I am copying requisition 123451 and checking out then I can see the same od charge account and there is no effect of new expense rule.

      here my question is: is it possible to get new expense rule reflect in copied requisition by doing some set up changes.
      If no any way can we do by technically?