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    Error after modify NQConfig.INI manully

      Hi all,

      I try to set up usage tracking in obiee

      I follow this URL:


      But after I restart all services, I try to use "usage tracking" subject area, but it shows me no data.

      So I try to rework on the config file by manully, following another way:


      Then it cann't be started..

      This is some log message from bi_server1-diagnostic.log file.

      [2012-11-19T12:48:28.671+08:00] [bi_server1] [ERROR] [OBI-SYSMAN-1249] [oracle.bi.management.sysmancommon] [tid: Thread-1034] [userId: <WLS Kernel>] [ecid: 0000JdgCRucFw000jzwkno1GVW1l000001,0] [APP: bilocaladmin#11.1.1] Processing Event: SEVERE: Element Type: SYSTEM_COMPONENT, Element Id: SH-TSBI-4026:coreapplication_obis1, Operation Result: FAILED_TO_ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE, Detail Message: Can not configure component coreapplication_obis1 (BI Server); Unexpected exception thrown when accessing file: /u01/app/oracle/ofm/instances/instance1/config/OracleBIServerComponent/coreapplication_obis1/NQSConfig.INI ; Failed to load config mbean(s) for DiagnosticsConfigMBeanImpl; Failed to convert Attribute CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL_MINUTES at USAGE_TRACKING due to java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "5; FILE_ROLLOVER_INTERVAL_MINUTES = 30; CODE_PAGE = "ANSI""

      Can anybody help me?