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    Reg Date Prompts

    Bhargav K
      Hi All,

      can any one help me...pls

      I have 2 prompts year and quarter.

      Eg.. if i select 2011 and q1

      it should display the begining month of the first quarter (that should be 'JAN') like wise if i select 2011 and q2 then it should display begining month of second quarter (that should be 'Mar')..

      can any one help me
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          Hi Bhargav,

          Two Changes to be done.

          1. Prompt: for the Qtr column set a presentation variable like v_qtr.
          2. Report: Add a calculated column with the below formula

          case @{v_qtr} when 1 then 'Jan' when 2 then 'Apr' when 3 then 'Jul' when 4 then 'Oct' end

          Let me know if this helped.


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