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    Installation R12.1.1 and R11.5.10 (Vision ) in Oracle VirtualBox/Linux

      Hi There,

      I am planning to download and install Oracle EBS R11.5.10 and R12.1.1 under Linux x86-64 in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

      I have the following questions, appreciate if you could kindly help me out in learning the installation of EBS.

      1. I could find R12.1.1 in edelivery but not R11.5.10.
      Question: Could you know where to find R11.5.10?

      2. For R12.1.1, I have the below url for Platform: Linux x86-64
      . Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Media Pack for Linux x86-64-bit      B54465-08      SEP-07-2012      52 /53G
      Question: When I click the link I see a lot of files. Could you know which files do I need to download for the installation. Apart from the above media pack, are there any related files I should also download?

      3. Which version of Linux x86-64 should I download for this installation in Oracle VirtualBox?

      4. Could you kindly help me out in installing EBS R12 and R11, step-by step process or share some link or documentation which I can study?

      Thanks again