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    Error in Formula Processing

    Vishal Majithia

      For a specific formula NVL(1,2) where 1 is a Factor list and 2 is List Price, we are getting this error. ERROR IN FORMULA PROCESSING....We are on R12.1.3 instance and this is upgraded from 11.5.9

      There is a metalink note QPXPRFOR OEXOEORD: Saving an Order Results in Error in Formula Processing [ID 156396.1] mentioning about the same issue but the solution part is not clear.

      If anyone faced similar kind of issue, please help.
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          You state that you have the following formula:



          1 = Factor List
          2 = List Price

          What if 2 is also NULL? You should also handle this case. For example:

          NVL(1, NVL(2, 3))


          1 = Factor List
          2 = List Price
          3 = Numeric Constant with component = <value you want when no data is found> . You might want this to be $0 or maybe a very large price $999999.

          Try making this change. Be sure to re-run the Build Formula Package process.

          When you do Formulas, you need to be very careful that you handle Nulls properly. An ultimate value of NULL will cause these types of issues.

          Good Luck.

          Jason Batzlaff
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            Vishal Majithia

            Thanks for the update.

            Actually, my problem got resolved. After analyzing the debug file myself, I narrowed down the error as below

            Normal flow Formula Processing begin
            In ---Routine:QP_PREQ_GRP.Formula_Processing---
            PRICING_PHASE_ID: 2
            Processing Formula ID :7512
            Line Index: 1
            Start Formula...
            Formula Line Type = ML, Step = 1
            Before populating formula stepvalues temp table
            Other Exception ORA-01403: no data found
            Exception occurred. Formula value returned is
            Formula return status: U
            Formula Base Price :
            Error returned by QP_FORMULA_PRICE_CALC_PVT.Calculate

            And, as per the oracle support note "Error Returned By Qp_formula_price_calc_pvt.Calculate [ID 1282519.1]", after setting the profile value to N, the issue is resolved.

            With Regards,
            Vishal Majithia