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    Apache CXF-third party jar


      I have generated webservice client(JAX_WS) usinf apache cxf(2.4.10).When i execute directly from eclipse things are working fine.In OIM what are all dependant jar should i place in Thirdparty to make it work.In apache cxf(2.4.10) lib am able to find many jars.what are all jars that i should be placing in ThirdParty? should i be placing jars in <Domain_Home>/lib?


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          Not sure if I understood properly you question, but if you are trying to run one jar file using all libraries of OIM, try to run from (ORACLE_OIM_HOME/designconsole path) . Into this path you have lib and ext directories and both have enough jar lib to run any OIM API.

          Also, I will suggest you to create some shell script that loads your 'required libs; under CLASSPATH environment variable first and then run java -jar yourfile. this should work!

          I hope this helps,
          Thiago Leoncio.