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RESTful Service: Expose BLOB file inside DB as RESTful service ??

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With Oracle Cloud we can expose the Data as RESTful Web Service, but how about exposing BLOB... we need to generate a link for that file which is stored in the DB.

To make it clearer:

Two Tables:
Properties (Property_ID number PK, Project varchar2(40), Property_number varchar2(20) ...)
Images  (ID number PK, Property_ID number FK, content blob, 
mimetype varchar2(200), filename varchar2 (200), filesize varchar2 (200))
And I would like to expose this query as RESTful :
Select p.property_id, p.project, p.property_number, i.content 
from properties p inner join images i on (p.property_id = i.property_id)
Usually we use: [url] apex_util.get_blob_file_src  , but that one should be called from a valid apex session !!!!! ( in that query "i.content" should give a link.)

How can we do it ???

Another point, since we expose the data as JSON:
Suppose I have a property with 10 images, then it does not make sense to get 10 rows fro the same property just to give different image. I think we need another level (nested level) for images !!!

I hope that my point is clear,

Thanks in advance ....


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