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    APEX4.2 corrupted  Images


      APEX Environment : apex.oracle.com
      My OS : Windows7
      Browser : FireFox 16.0.2

      I have an example Application in my apex.oracle.com workspace.

      The application displays 2 simple jpeg images within separate regions on the Home page

      e.g. <img class="largeArt" src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#projectspreadsheet.jpg"/>

      Before the upgrade to apex.oracle.com the images displayed perfectly in APEX 4.1.1

      After the upgrade of apex.oracle.com to APEX 4.2 the images displayed appear corrupted and partially displayed


      I tested this in Browsers:

      Firefox, IE9, Safari 5.1.7

      Is there any reason for this? Do I need to change any new settings I am not aware of?

      Ironically when I tested the same application in my iPhone browser the images appear normally

      Kind Regards