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    Saving Indexes

      Hi All,

      We have some indexes which we place on some PS tables, but whenever a major bundle or tools release impacts a table the index we've placed via the DB gets wiped out and there is no easy way to track this. The question has come up, is there a way to save an index as a PeopleSoft object (preferabby not an SQL object, but something in relation to the table/field in which the index is placed so that when we run our change report we can see the object come up as impacted). If this is not possible are there other ways/recommendations you can share from experience regarding how to best track db changes made (e.g indexes).

      Thanks so much for any input.
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          You should create custom indexes via Application Designer menu Tools - Data Administration - Indexes. These will become PeopleSoft Managed Objects.

          See also PeopleBooks
          PeopleBooks > PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Application Designer Developer's Guide > Administering Data > Creating Indexes

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