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    Heterogeneous request

      Hi all,

      I have some doubts regarding the heterogeneous request in oracle identity manager 11g r2.

      1). I created one approval policy for assigning role with approval process of default request manager approval and created another approval policy for app instance with the approval process of default request manager approval only.
      Now I login as some user account in identity self services I am request through catalog for one role and appinstance and submitted. After it will goes to sysadmin for request level approval, if approving finish in operation level it goes to our manager for approving..

      so my question is why it going to sysadmin at request level, why it is not going to manager?

      2). I have another doubt

      In catalog I am requesting one role and app instance and add to cart, after checkout I selected one target user . The request items will applicable to both the users.
      I want assign the requested items one user for role and another target user for app instance, is it possible in heterogeneous request through the catalog......
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          Rajiv Dewan
          1. Which policies you have created at Step 1, Request Level or Operation Level ? Heterogeneous APproval Policy only work at Request Level when there's a combination of entities. After Request Level, Entities will follow their own Approval Workflow which are there at Operation Level.

          2. No.