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    Import using eulapi removes content from EUL

      We are looking to use eulapi to automate the import of EEX files. While trying to decide on the best process I have been trying a few things out but I have been having problems successfully performing an import using eulapi. I issued the following command to create the EEX:

      eulapi -connect EUL_US/pwd@dev \
      -export $HOME/Procurement.eex \
      -business_area_and_contents Procurement \
      -business_area_and_contents "Accounts Payable" \
      -log $HOME/Procurement_exp.log

      and the following to perform the import:

      eulapi -connect EUL_US/pwd@tst \
      -import_rename_mode refresh -auto_refresh \
      -identifier -preserve_workbook_owner \
      -import Procurement.eex \
      -log $HOME/Procurement_imp.log

      The problem I have is that any items referenced in the EEX are removed from the EUL when the import completes rather than being updated. Has anyone come across this type of issue before? Any assistance gratefully received.