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    I have to set a very large size for temp space, why?

      Hi teachers,

      For my TT database, this is the configuration:


      When reading the documents, which says, the temp size can be 1/8 of the PermSize.

      My sutiation:
      I have two tables in oracle: one contains 30,000,000 rows (tableA below), and the other contains about 50,000,000 records (tableB below).

      I loaded the entire tableA (by calling load cache group xxx commit every 10000 rows), then the perm size was about 4.5GB, and the Temp size was about 1.5GB, I got this message from dssize.
      Then I tried to load tableB, when the perm size was close to the upper limit, the temp size was being insufficient!
      dssize again, found that, perm size 11GB+, temp size is very very close to 4GB.

      To my knowledge, the cursor, the prepared statements, and the complex SQL statments could use the temp space. But I hadn't done any SQL statements (or even actions) other than "load cache group ...".
      Why there are so much data in temp size? How to release them?

      From the stuff I read, it seems that I have to disconnect all the connections (they are subdaemon of timesten and cache agent processes) found by ttstatus, but is there any difference between disconnect all of them and stop the timesten daemon?

      Could you please provide some advice? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!