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    dom0 Disk Device Name Changed... how to rename in vdsdev?

      Good Morning,

      We had a server "incident" yesterday that left our Solaris ldom host rebooted. When it came back up, one of our guests (ldg1) refuses to bind with the error:

      Path /dev/rdsk/emcpower3c is not valid on service domain primary

      Sure enough, the emcpower3a device doesn't have a slice 2 (c) any more. My guess is since emcpower3c was presented to the guest as a full disk and the guest used the full disk (without slicing/partitioning it up) as part of a ZFS pool, ZFS overwrote the partition definition, leaving just the emcpower3a device usable.

      Now the question is... how do I update the reference in ldm to change the VDS volume device from emcpower3c to emcpower3a? If I drop and recreate the volume, it could end up renaming the device in the ldg1, couldn't it? While I'm sure I could resolve that with ZFS, I'd rather not if I can avoid it. :-)

      Any thoughts?