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    Concurrent Managers Failover - EBS Release 12.1.3


      We've implemented Shared APPL_TOP on 4 Nodes :

      - Node1 : Admin, Apache , Forms
      - Node2 : Apache , Forms
      - Node3 : Concurrent Managers
      - Node4 : Concurrent Managers

      We want to enabled Failover on the Following Nodes : Node3 and Node4

      We followed Note : 384248.1 , without success.

      What are the steps to do , in order to enable Failover for Concurrent Managers Nodes in Release 12.1.3 ?
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please see these docs/links.

          How to Setup and Test Failover of PCP on Non-RAC Environments. [ID 743716.1]
          Concurrent Processing - Distributed Concurrent Processing DCP/PCP Concurrent Manager Failover Takes Long Time [ID 427273.1]
          Concurrent Manager Functionality Not Working And PCP Failover Takes Long Inspite of Enabling DCD With Database Server [ID 438921.1]
          How to Activate Parallel Concurrent Processing - Background Facts and Setup Steps [ID 602899.1]