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    Minimum version of WLS for access to Server Logging Bridge

      We are intending to use the WebLogic Server Logging Bridge to route log4J messages into the Weblogic Logging System without amending the source code. Our intention is to configuring Log4J to use the following appender: weblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppender.

      However, when we amend the log4J property file to reference ServerLoggingAppender file we get exceptions. We are unable to locate the library that contains the implementation of weblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppender.

      A couple of question regarding weblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppender.

      1. What is the minimum Weblogic version for support of weblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppender ?
      2. Which jar file contains weblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppender ?