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    Portal Questions: Language & Template

      1. In a page we have added hyperlinks to allow the user to change language. The hyperlink calls a Javascript function that does the following:

      - Call an iScript using XMLHttpRequest. The iScript calls SetLanguage & updates PSROLEUSER to set the language as well.
      - Does a refresh of the current page via location.reload(true);

      The approach actually works most of the time. However, there are some pages (psoft delivered) where a field or 2 does/do not display the translated text (the translations have been confirmed to be present). The rest of the texts/fields are shown in their translated form.

      2. We have created a theme based on an HTML template. The template has 3 parts:

      - Pagelet for header (calls an iScript)
      - Target or ContentArea
      - Pagelet for footer (calls an iScript)

      We have set this template as the default for Portal in General Settings. However, we have some users who find using PeopleTools pages a pain since there is no navigation -- when they load Structure and Content for example, it loads in the whole Target/ContentArea but without any navigation. The Enterprise Menu goes away too.

      I have tried assigning a different template to the Structure & Contents page but it seems the setting in General Settings takes precedence.

      Thanks in advance.

      Env: Portal 9.1 / PTools 8.52

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