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    automounting home directories

      I really like how Solaris keeps home directories at /export/home/<username> and then mounts them at /home/<username> upon login. I tried to get this same functionality with OL63 but couldn't get the automounter to work.

      My setup is:

      /etc/auto.master contains
      /home /etc/auto.home
      And /etc/auto.home contains
      * :/export/home/&
      I restarted the services but when any user logs in the system complains about not having a home directory. What am I missing?
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          I have not configured autofs recently, but have the following example in my notes:

          # cat auto.master
          /nfs-photon01 /etc/auto.photon01 vers=3,rw,hard,proto=tcp,intr

          # cat auto.photon01
          * photon01.example.com:/&

          # mkdir /nfs-photon01

          # service autofs reload

          Does your /etc/auto.home file specify the NFS server?

          By the way, NFS4 is default in OL6, which requires that you export all NFS directories under one virtual home. For instance, if /ext/nfs is the NFS root (fsid=0), everything else that you want to be shared over NFS4 must be accessible under /ext/nfs. Check your /etc/export file. There are examples on the web, you should be able to find it searching for "NFS4 fsid-0".