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    BPM Database issue


      I am doing a BPM project which is still new to me right now. I have a question about the DBAdapter in BPM process.

      I want to read several tables from database and then fetch the data into each attribute in the process data object and then make them to show on the adf page input box. How should I make this function. should I use the database adapter and then use service task to call the service? Which options I should choose on Operation Type when define the database adapter? Or is there another way to show the data from database on the adf page after user input the parameter?

      Maybe I should explain a little more about the process. A user login the BPM Workspace.
      task1. user will choose the type of filing--initial filing or annual filing. If user choose annual filing, then he/she has to input the ID number to pull his/her old input from the database.
      task2. After he/she Click the "SUBMIT" button with the input of ID number on the task1,
      task3. There will be a new task pop out in the workspace. He/she will have to review the input (which comes from the database).

      so task3 is the part I have no clue how to do it. Can anyone give me some ideas please?

      Thank you very much for your help.


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          Dan Atwood
          Hi Viola,

          Know how you feel. I've struggled with this as well.

          Here's a blog post that I wrote that might help you. It takes you through step-by-step how to use a process payload ID variable to display ADFbc information:

          Using a BPM Process Variable on an ADF form to Retrieve Database Information - http://www.avioconsulting.com/blog/datwood/2012/06/19/using-bpm-process-variable-adf-form-retrieve-database-information-0.

          Hope this helps,
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            Hello Dan, thank you very much for your quick response. I looked at the blog post and feel like it is what I am looking for. But I haven't get a time to try it. I will try it and come back mark your post as correct answer possibly today. Thank you very much again. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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              Hello Dan, I made the application with your method. But while I was deploying the bpm project it has some problems.

              1. it pops out an authorization request box ask me input the username and password.
              2. no matter what I input, it will fail the deployment. and give me bunch of red letters say "Problem in sending HTTP request to the server. Check standard HTTP response code for 401"
              3. when I check the weblogic server log messages, it has so many errors like
              "BPEL Component "default/PLS_OR1_BPM_ADF_V1!1.0*soa_8ee1b2bc-64a7-4d3b-9fc8-db23ef49e7bf/PLSOR1BPMV1" load FAILED!!"
              "Message     <.> queryViewTasks(): Failed to get OptionalInformation for task number: 200435"
              "Message     Illegal call to setup the context of an include that is already in context"
              "java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01403: no data found
              ORA-06512: at "SOAWL_MDS.MDS_INTERNAL_SHREDDED", line 407
              ORA-06512: at "SOAWL_MDS.MDS_INTERNAL_SHREDDED", line 603
              ORA-06512: at line 1"

              My question is
              1. are those error is because of the server? or because I set up something wrong in my application?
              2. when you say deploy the two ADF UI projects, are you talking about deploy the one has model and the one is viewcontroller?
              3. so I will deploy 1 jar file and 3 ear files(one for the bpm project UI, two for the adf UI) total?

              Sorry to give you so much questions before thanksgiving, I hope you will have a super sweet thanksgiving!


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                Dan Atwood
                You get this when you're running it from the end user Workspace?

                Did you edit the application module you created in your ADFbc project to use the jndi name you set up for the database schema in WebLogic Administration Console?
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                  Yes sir. If I understand correctly. The JDNI name should be in Console under Deployment--->>DbAdapter-->>configuration-->>Outbound Connection pools-->>choose the eis/DB/MyDbName--->>Properties-->>xADataSourceName's Property Value.
                  The xADataSourceName's Property Value is the name I put in as the JDNI name. Is that correct?

                  Thank you very much for your help,


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                    Also, I get this while I was deploying, and the deployment looks like just hanging there and didn't move for like 10 mins.
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                      Thank you so much, I had some server issue these days but I finially tried this and it works very well. Thank you so much!!!!!