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      OK, I have an Accordion that holds multiple TitledPane nodes. In fact, the number of TitledPane nodes can exceed the visual size of the Accordion.

      So I put the Accordion in a ScrollPane, thinking that the Accordion would grow Vertically, and the V-Scrollbar would appear.

      The Vertical Scrollbar only appears when the size of the COLLAPSED TitledPanes exceed the viewport size.

      So if I expand a TitledPane, the contents are clipped to fit in what little space the Accordion has based on its current size.

      It seems the Accordion doesn't grow to accomodate the expanded TitledPane?

      I can put scrollpane in the TitledPane npodes (thats what I had before) but the viewable size of the TitlePane is still limited by the space in the accordion, which doesn't grow vertically based on expanded titledpane node.

      Thoughts? Work Around? Different control?

      I COULD go to a list and a single node for display based on list selection, but I'd like to avoid that if I can