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    asset:load, flex assets and performance

      I am looking into migrating a customers website from FatWire 7.5.5 to Web Center Sites 11G.

      A lot of our conditional elements consists of checking the existence of Page assets.
      I.e. <asset:load name="frontpage" type="Page" field="name" value="frontpage-<%=ics.GetVar("code")%>"/>

      In Sites, the Page asset is now transformed into a Flex asset and in FatWire, it was always discouraged to load flex assets like this. Is still the case?
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          I just did an initial test on a dev machine, Sites11G and a local HSQLDB.

          I created 1.000 pages and 1.000 basic assets.
          Loaded all 1.000 assets in random order.
          First run without any of the assets haven't ever been loaded on the site gives me the following results:
          basic assets: 1490ms
          page assets: 2987ms

          I did a sequence with 50 iterations in a row and that resultet in the following avg numbers:
          basic assets: 1330ms
          page assets: 2084ms

          Not sure what the extra time is spend doing if it's doing more advanced SQL. If that's the case, the above test included only "empty" pages. No other content on the pages than the name attribute