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    Obsolete method error in the RPD

    Vinodh NK

      Due to some scenario, I end up building sum(A/B). I have added the parameter SUPPORT_OBSOLETE_MEASURES to YES in NQSConfig file.
      My question is, since, aggregate functions in logical column definitions which use other logical columns, e.g. SUM(Amount_Sold), are not supported anymore.
      So I want to know is there anyone aware of any chance the functionality would be permanently removed ie.. in future even we cannot do it any more by adding SUPPORT_OBSOLETE_MEASURES to YES in NQSConfig file.

      Also how to get rid off the check in error for obsolete error from rpd.


      Fact table - values in multiple currencies
      Exchange Rate table - currency conversion value

      I need to convert it to base currency before reportig.

      The users logon from various regions based on User Roles the default currency will be assigned to the user session.
      For Adhoc - the default currency filter would be applied and the user will have the flexiblity to override it with other currency values.

      So I have to modelled it with two alias tables Adhoc Currency, Reporting Currency (have default filter set to TargetCurrency to the session variable).

      In physical column mapping since I have two tables I cannot do (Fact.Value/Currency conversion) and then set the aggregation rule to sum, since I can choose only one value.

      Is there any way we can make OBIEE to do SUM ( A / B ) , where B can be tableA.ColumnA or tableB.ColumnA depends on the source selected.