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    RMAN Validate backup from a location

      Hi All,

      I need to validate a set of RMAN backup files that I took to a disk say /ora_tmp.

      Do I need to catalogue those files to validate or I can validate the files connecting to the target and provide a location to validate the backups.

      Please let me know.

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          RMAN needs to know the backup if it doesn't know then the catalog required

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            If you know the primary key of the backup ( needs a catalog ) then you can do something like :
            RMAN>validate backupset 73;
            In Oracle 11 you can use the validate command to validate all the backup pieces in FRA :
            RMAN>validate recovery area;
            Given the information you have provided I believe you need to catalog first.

            Best Regards

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              You can use the BACKUP VALIDATE command to do the following:

              Check datafiles for physical and logical block corruption

              Confirm that all database files exist and are in the correct locations

              When you run BACKUP VALIDATE, RMAN reads the files to be backed up in their entirety, as it would during a real backup. RMAN does not, however, actually produce any backup sets or image copies.

              To validate files with the BACKUP VALIDATE command:

              Start RMAN and connect to a target database and recovery catalog (if used).

              Run the BACKUP VALIDATE command.

              For example, you can validate that all database files and archived logs can be backed up by running a command as shown in the following example. This command checks for physical corruptions only.

              BACKUP VALIDATE
              ARCHIVELOG ALL;

              To check for logical corruptions in addition to physical corruptions, run the following variation of the preceding command:

              BACKUP VALIDATE
              CHECK LOGICAL
              ARCHIVELOG ALL;

              Hope this will help you