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    a question about the rapidly increase of sysaux

      when i check the free space of tablespaces,i found that sysaux increase so rapidly that i must increate in less than a week!

      when i checked the sysaux using v$sysaux_occupants ,and i found than
         select occupant_name,space_usage_kbytes from v$sysaux_occupants;
      the result :
         OCCUPANT_NAME                                                                    SPACE_USAGE_KBYTES
          SM/AWR                                                                                       3159680
         and my db's version
        Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
      PL/SQL Release - Production
      CORE      Production
      TNS for Linux: Version - Production
      NLSRTL Version - Production
         and i also modified the snapshot setting?
       SQL> select * from dba_hist_wr_control;
      ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
      RETENTION                                                                   TOPNSQL
      --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
       862446272 +00000 02:00:00.0
      +00004 00:00:00.0                                                           DEFAULT
      the oracle will clear the snapshot decide by the settings ? but it only increase?

      i also use the package: exec dbms_workload_repository.drop_snapshot_range(),it din't work!!!!

      in my test db,i rebuild awr,it works ,but is there any risk to rebuild in my real db?

      best regards, niclo!