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    what is the Archtecture of ATG?

      Hi Guys,

      Could you please provide the simplyfied definition on Archtecture of ATG.

      Thank you
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          Nitin Khare
          There is no definite answer to it as there are many things involved. But in a nutshell the ATG platform and its suite of products provide a flexible, Java-based development environment for building personalized commerce applications for the web and other channels. Its related products include Dynamo Application Framework, Commerce, Content Administration, Portal, etc. along with various other tools and applications. ATG follows a component centric architecture along with supporting the design patterns like MVC, Dependency Injection, IoC (Inversion Of Control) etc. While certain topics like component centric have already been discussed in different threads on this forum, here is probably one of the best resource you can get on DI and IoC:

          You will find many of the things mentioned there about DI/IoC and components present and implemented in ATG. You can also refer to this ATG system architecture in view of the larger context of all ATG applications:

          Here are some other important architectural references from the ATG documentation:

          ATG repository architecture:

          Request processing flow in a Nucleus based application:

          Multisite request processing:

          ATG content admin architecture:

          For ATG Merchandising refer: