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    An error coming in LDAP Sync user DN evaluation

      Hi All,

      I am working on OIM 11g. I have a LDAPSyncContainerRules.xml file where I am checking for the value of a custom attribute called CustOrg and have rules such as :

      <container>ou=Org1, cn=Users, dc=new,dc=test,dc=com</container>
      <description>LDAP Users</description>

      Also I have registered a preprocess event handler which sets the hidden attribute CustOrg. I had registered it as:

      <action-handler class="com.test.CustomOrg" entity-type="User" operation="ANY" name="CustomOrg" stage="preprocess" order="FIRST" sync="TRUE"/>

      and uploaded to MDS. But whenever I create user, it only gets provisioned to the Default rule in the LDAPSyncContainerRules.xml. I have checked the value of the CustOrg attribute in the database and see that it is set properly to the value that was required.

      So i checked on further in the database and found that in the plugins orchevents table, the status was as follows:

      36962 CreateUserValidationHandler COMPLETED validation-handler
      36947 CreateUserFinalizationHandler COMPLETED finalization-handler
      36940 UserPasswordValidationHandler COMPLETED validation-handler
      36966 GetCurrentUser COMPENSATED preprocess
      36970 CustomOrg COMPENSATED preprocess
      36933 CreateUserPreProcessHandler COMPENSATED preprocess
      36938 UpdateUserPasswordFields COMPENSATED preprocess
      36964 CreateUserRDNPreProcessHandler FAILED preprocess

      So the compensation starts from the GetCurrentUser preprocess. Also how can this be called first when I have mentioned my CustOrg preprocess event handler to have order as FIRST. Is this why this is failing as CustOrg is called second meaning the attribute is set later than when its value was supposed to be present? How to change this?

      Please guide me on this