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    ADF-BC WebServices:exposing custom method with ViewRowImpl Method Signature

    Sreekanth Vijay Karanam

      I have exposed a custom method as a Web Service operation which takes in a List of VORowImpl of VO let us say VO1. This VO1 is a transient VO . There is another VO ,VO2 which is also transient .I have created a view link between VO1 and VO2 and exposed the accessor for getting VO2 records in VO1 . I have enabled the SDO classes for both the VOs . In the xsd generated for VO1 , I see the accessor for VO2 .

      If i try to send a soap request for the custom method with VO1 as the parameter (with the above master detail structure with VO1 as master and VO2 as the child) . In the custom method, I am not able to access the child VO ie VO2 rows . I have added the VOs in the AMImpl also using the view link.

      In the soap request, even if i provide the foreign key value of the master record in the child record, i still am not able to access the child VO rows in the custom method using the VO1 that gets passed to it

      Am i missing anything here ?