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    ODBC full installation

      Hi All,

      So my problem is this:

      I have an app that uses "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" and i'd like to install in another computer but only the driver and not the all client. So i followed the instructions, i installed the basic and then the odbc (V 11_2 ) and in odbc administrator i can see that the driver was installed but when i try to do the microsoft odbc for oracle it says me "The Oracle(tm) client and networking components were not found. these components are supplied by oracle Corporation and are part of the oracle version 7.3...."

      Sorry for my english :)

      Does anyone have sugestion please?
      Many Thanks,

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          If you are saying that you just installed the Oracle Instant Client, the Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle will not work. The Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle is not designed to be compatible with the Instant Client. If you install the Instant Client and the Instant Client ODBC Supplement, you should be able to use the Oracle ODBC driver.