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    Cloud Control Agent Failover Solaris

      Hi all,

      we are just upgrading from EM 11g to EM 12c. We currently have some cold failover/active-passive clusters on which we want to deploy the new agents first. On the server we just have one $ORACLE_HOME which lives on a zfs pool and gets mounted on the passive server during failover. My question actually is: whats the best way to deploy the new agents? Should we use a shared home directory for the agent and install install them on a virtual IP? I found MOS note 464191.1 "How to Configure Grid Control Agents in Windows HA - Failover Cluster Environments" but thats Windows generic.

      Thanks in advance and best regards
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          No one?

          Is it possible to install the agent with ORACLE_HOSTNAME on a virtual IP Address? In case of a failover the agent home (zfs pool) and the vip get migrated to the other server.

          Thanks in advance
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            Akanksha Sheoran Kaler
            since you are upgarding from 11g to 12c you can use shared home and VIP. Can you also create an SR with the details of your envieonment and provide me the SR number. We might ahve to update the note or the guide based on your env setup . We can discuess it further as well.
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              thank you for your answer. I will be back in office at 7, January. Will open an SR then and tell you the number.

              Actually my problem is as follows:

              We have one shared disk with all Oracle binaries/oraInventory installed. During failover that shared disk will be mounted on the failover server and all databases get started. Thats working fine. Additionally Oracle agent is locally installed on the primary server. Now I would like to also install that agent on the failover server. As we don't have Oracle binaries/oraInventory mounted on the failover, installation of agent fails, of course. Now I am looking for a solution that I can run the agent both server.

              Best regards
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                Has anything come out of this? I too am interested in the results. The same basic principle applies when attempting to monitor weblogic clusters as well, there doesn't seem to be much information about this out there
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                  You can use the method documented here
                  Regards, Mark.