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    Reports Migration Issue

      Hi All,

      I am strucked in a problem with Hyperion Financial Reporting reports migration.

      The issue is previously our client use to have servers in abroad both the test and the prod, so we developed all the reports using the abroad cluster. But later on an client request all the servers were migrated to India and we were asked to migrate all the components of HFM ( Data forms, Grids, Data, Metadata and Reports too) to India Instance.

      Fine we have migrated all the components perfectly but we got an issue while migrating the reports, some reports were perfectly migrated but some got an issue.

      We imported those reports and were trying to change the database connections, but we were not able to find the source database connections for few reports and rest of the reports were perfectly able to view the source data base connections.

      Why this has occurred to few reports and not to all. And the reports which are not able to migrate contain and Time and Date function in Header, and the reports which got migrated perfectly do not have that option. Is that an issue with the rest reports? Not getting exactly what the issue is.

      Please guide me on the issue, its a bit urgent to deliver the client.


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