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    Control converter for Open Office, how


      I new in WCC and I looking for solution that my manager put in front of me.
      I need in WebCenetr Content to end with PDF documents and download , saving to local and printing need to be disabled, also selecting the text and copy it need to be disabled.

      I know that 100% security doesn't exist but we would be happy with PDF out of box ability to restrict above mention. 90% document that we deal with is Open Office writer and in it has export to PDF possibility (in security tab is possible to restict printing, copying of content ect...)

      Is there a way that during the conversion form Open Office to PDF in IBR set this options?
      So ..when user put a open office document in some "special" place in WCC and IBR pick it up for conversion that this option be set for it ?

      any help would be appropriated