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    Installing .rpm packages onto solaris 10.

      Can anyone help me by providing the steps to install .rpm package into solaris 10 os?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          RPM package format is not a valid supported format. And probably are the files in this package not compiled for Solaris but more for Linux.

          Check with the package provider if you can obtain a true Solaris package.

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            RPM is just a packaging format, and the tools are available on the Solaris Software Companion CD, in the SFWrpm package. You would need to install the package on your system in order to get the RPM tools.

            But I think Pascal's point is that the payload is typically Linux binaries, so installing a Linux RPM on Solaris would not be productive. But you could certainly install a source package, for example, or create your own RPM containing Solaris binaries.

            -- Alan