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    Customizing WF Notification


      I'm trying to customize the "PO Confirm Receipt (PORCPT)" workflow notification. The requirement is to add a link to the PO document under the "Related Application" section.
      This section already has a "Return to Receiving" Link, but I'm unable to figure out how to add another link and where to set it's value.
      Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Please review below which could be helpful for your issue:

          Enhancement Request - Purchasing Approvals [ID 1301494.1]
          WLP - How To Customize Default Workflow [ID 1328479.1]

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            This is a PO Related question, you could have posted in the procurment's forum:

            I saw, you have posted the same question in MOS Community.

            We have replied there too..

            You will have to implement some steps like this.

            Disclaimer: this is a customization and is not supported.
            Disclaimer: I did not test this steps internally.

            1. Open the Workflow Builder Client on your PC and connect to a TEST instance
            2. open the System:Mailer workflow
            3. save a local copy of the seeded Workflow to your PC
            4. Go to Workflow Open Mail (Outlook Express) under the Messages Section - this is the template that is used for this notifications
            5. create 2 new url type attributes called A and B and hardcode the value of the urls as per your needs (internal / external)
            6. Edit the OPEN_MAIL_OUTLOOK - Body - HTML Body
            7. replace the CLICK_HERE_RESPONSE attribute with A and B

            Save and retest the issue