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    PRO*C returns non zero in AIX 6.1, 0 in Tru64.

      Good morning,
      I am attempting to port some Pro*C code from Tru64 to AIX 6.1.

      I have compiled the PRO*C into an executable which is then called as follows:
      host$ CJSPC004 /@WHDA 19/11/2012
      Starting module : CJSPC004
      Connected to the database
      Running database procedure cjspk003.p_create_job_schedule
      Module CJSPC004 completed successfully

      However, when querying $? to get the status of the last command I get a non-zero code even though everything has worked.
      host$ echo $?

      On Tru64 this works fine with the echo $? returning a zero as expected:
      host$ echo $?

      The PRO*C was compiled using gcc

      Has anyone else come across similar?