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    Advice on WLS Persistent Stores

      I'm running Oracle WLS

      I have two Managed Servers and want to setup distributed JMS Queues on them. However, I'm confused about the relationship between JMS Servers and Persistent Stores.

      I have created two migratable JMS Servers, one on each Managed Server. Each JMS Server points to its own Persistent Store on the same Managed Server, each with a unique prefix name.


      JMSServer1 JMSServer2
      PersistentStore1 PersistentStore2
      Migratable ManagedServer 1 Migratable ManagedServer2

      The WLS JMS Servers section shows:

      JMSServer1 JDBCJmsStore1 ManagedServer_1 (migratable) ManagedServer_1 OK
      JMSServer2 JDBCJmsStore2 ManagedServer_2 (migratable) ManagedServer_2 OK

      Is that correct?

      Many thanks.
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          I'm confused about the relationship between JMS Servers and Persistent Stores.
          A JMS server is an environment-related configuration entity that acts as management container for JMS queue and topic resources defined within JMS modules that are targeted to specific that JMS server. A JMS server’s primary responsibility for its targeted destinations is to maintain information on what persistent store is used for any persistent messages that arrive on the destinations, and to maintain the states of durable subscribers created on the destinations.

          The architecture would give u clear picture

          The setup which u have done is correct.
          each JMS Server would be pointing to individual migratable server which intern points to its own persistant store

          The below link would be helpful for ya


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            Yes - what you have configured is correct.

            If you point same database to both the JMS it will throw error. From one JMS Server, you can connect to One JDBC Presistent Store alone.