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    Lock and send ASO


      We are running Essbase version and Smartview (Build 122).

      I have some users that would like to load some data via Excel into an ASO cube. I am aware this would be slower than using BSO.

      I have tried both HSSETVALUE and the ad-hoc with submit data and I get an error 'You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock on this database'.

      I am pretty sure this is because of the 'lock and send' nature of submit data and the fact you can't lock a block on ASO because no blocks exist.

      I have read something about the 'classic add-in' having the option of not locking before sending. What is this? I actually don't think I have it. I have Excel 2010 and everything is consolidated under one ribbon I think from memory.

      What are my options? The cube is big and an ASO for a reason, there's a large number of big dimensions. I could change the Excel sheets to load to SQL Server and run via a rules file. But I would rather load from Excel.


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          The oldest release I have is, but if I go to this ASOsamp.Sample intersection:
               1 to 13 Years
               Original Price
               Under 20,000
               Digital Cameras
               No Promotion
               Curr Year
          Jan     5

          In either Smart View or the Add-In and put in a different number and submit it (Smart View) or Send (add-in), it works. Of course I'm logged in as the admin.

          Does your user id have write rights?


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            Very strange. Can only assume I hadn't refreshed security. Seems to work OK now.

            However, when I give 'filter' access with read to a couple of scenarios and write to another, I now refresh and receive no response whatsoever. Egg timer.

            I am requesting one cell only for the member with write access via ad-hoc.

            Have used filtered access before successfully so not sure what the problem is, the issue seems to be the same in a BSO cube also.

            Apologies for the confusion earlier.
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              Ignore me, hadn't granted the filter to the group. Thanks for your help anyway.