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    RCS on the EBS side seems to be hung when we launch from VCP side

      Hi all,

      When we launch collection from VCP instance, Refresh Collection Snapshot on the EBS side hung with the below query
      SELECT bic.component_item_id,
      FROM MRP_SN_BOMS bom,
      MRP_SN_INV_COMPS bic,
      M TL_SYSTEM_ITEMS msi1,
      WHERE bom.assembly_item_id = :inventory_item_id
      AND bom.organiz ation_id = :organization_id
      AND msi1.inventory_item_id = bo m.assembly_item_id
      AND msi1.organization_id = bom.organizat ion_id
      AND bom.alternate_bom_designator IS NULL
      AND b ic.bill_sequence_id = bom.common_bill_sequence_id
      AND bic.e ffectivity_date < :g_scheduled_completion_date
      AND NVL(bic .disable_date, :g_scheduled_completion_date + 1) > :g_scheduled_completion_date
      AND bic.WIP_ SUPPLY_TYPE = 6
      AND msi2.inventory_item_id = bic.component_ item_id
      AND msi2.organization_id = msi1.organization_id A ND NOT (msi1.AUTO_CREATED_CONFIG_FLAG='Y'
      AND msi1.base_item_id IS NOT NULL
      AND (msi2.BOM_ITEM_TYPE = 1
      OR msi2.BOM_ ITEM_TYPE = 2))

      However if we launch the Refresh collection snapshot manually on EBS side completes in one min in both automatic and complete mode